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Easy to Clean Furniture

Choosing the Correct Seating for Skilled Nursing Settings Durable, Space Saving, and Easy to Clean Choosing the right furniture makes all the difference When it comes to choosing furniture for nursing homes,one of the most important factors to consider is ease of cleaning. This isbecause nursing homes are high-traffic environments that are at increased riskof

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Rocking Therapy for Seniors

As we age, our bodies naturally undergo a number of changes. Muscles weaken, joints stiffen, and balance becomes more difficult. However, one simple activity can help counteract many of these effects: rocking. Rocking is a low-impact exercise that involves gently swaying back and forth in a chair. While it might seem like a simple activity,

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The New Oasis Lounge Chair

Oasis Lounge Chair The New V-09 & V-10 Oasis Series Lounge Chairs V-09 Oasis Lounge Chair V-10 Thera-Glide Disinfection Made Easy Welcome the Oasis Series Lounge Chairs.  Available in both high back and low back options, The Oasis Lounge Chairs offer a durable, easy to clean, and height adjustable seating option for patient rooms or

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The Newest Additions to the Thera-Glide Safety Glider Family

Welcome to the Family The New W-10 & W-30 Style Thera-Glide Safety Gliders W-10 Thera-Glide W-30 Thera-Glide Easy to Clean and Disinfect Welcome the newest additions to the Thera-Glide Safety Glider Family.  The W-10 and W-30 Styles are the sleakest Thera-Glide Auto Locking Gliders yet.  With fewer seams and virtually no recessed surfaces the new

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The Perfect Glider for Childcare Settings

Safety and Cleanability – The Thera-Glide Safety Glider in Childcare Settings: Busy childcare settings demand safety, durability, and ease of cleaning from their furnishings.  The Thera-Glide Auto Locking Glider’s safety features and ergonomic design make it the perfect glider for childcare settings. Easy to Clean Surfaces The Thera-Glide Safety Glider is upholstered in durable institutional

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Optimum Tilt in Space Packages

New Optimum 1400 Packages The New 1400 Series Optimum Tilt in Space Positioning Chair is easy to tailor with an entire range of accessories and sizes. We’ve simplified some of the more commonly ordered configurations into packages to make ordering a breeze. Comfort & Positioning Package Includes:AB-17 Comfort WingsAB-07 Cervical SupportAB-05 Lateral Supports Comfort &

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