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The New Oasis Lounge Chair

Oasis Lounge Chair The New V-09 & V-10 Oasis Series Lounge Chairs V-09 Oasis Lounge Chair V-10 Thera-Glide Disinfection Made Easy Welcome the Oasis Series Lounge Chairs.  Available in both high back and low back options, The Oasis Lounge Chairs offer a durable, easy to clean, and height adjustable seating option for patient rooms or

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The Newest Additions to the Thera-Glide Safety Glider Family

Welcome to the Family The New W-10 & W-30 Style Thera-Glide Safety Gliders W-10 Thera-Glide W-30 Thera-Glide Easy to Clean and Disinfect Welcome the newest additions to the Thera-Glide Safety Glider Family.  The W-10 and W-30 Styles are the sleakest Thera-Glide Auto Locking Gliders yet.  With fewer seams and virtually no recessed surfaces the new

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The Perfect Glider for Childcare Settings

Safety and Cleanability – The Thera-Glide Safety Glider in Childcare Settings: Busy childcare settings demand safety, durability, and ease of cleaning from their furnishings.  The Thera-Glide Auto Locking Glider’s safety features and ergonomic design make it the perfect glider for childcare settings. Easy to Clean Surfaces The Thera-Glide Safety Glider is upholstered in durable institutional

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Optimum Tilt in Space Packages

New Optimum 1400 Packages The New 1400 Series Optimum Tilt in Space Positioning Chair is easy to tailor with an entire range of accessories and sizes. We’ve simplified some of the more commonly ordered configurations into packages to make ordering a breeze. Comfort & Positioning Package Includes:AB-17 Comfort WingsAB-07 Cervical SupportAB-05 Lateral Supports Comfort &

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8 Reasons The Scoot Chair is Ideal for Comfort and Mobility in Long Term Care

The Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair and Evolution Mobility Chair reduces the risk of falls and facilitate independent mobility for nursing home residents that self propel with their feet. The Scoot Chair (pedal chair) allows for better positioning and pressure management than ordinary wheelchairs. Scoot and Evolution Chairs adapt to a wide variety of individuals. Its attractive,

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New 1400 Optimum Positioning Chair

Introducing the newest member of the Optimum family.  The Optimum 1400 has been redesigned to improve proper resident positioning and comfort.  The Optimum Positioning Chair now comes standard with a multi-layered pressure redistributing cushion which provides superior comfort for longer periods of sitting.  The addition of newly designed shoulder supports and elbow supports enhances comfort

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