New Contemporary Seat Back for Thera-Glide®

The new Contemporary Seat Back for the auto locking Thera-Glide® Safety Glider is now available for the W-Series Traditional Style and R-Series Decorative Metal Style Thera-Glide® Safety Gliders.   The new Contemporary Style offers additional padding and comfort compared to the older Simplicity Style. The new back offers simple, contemporary lines with few seams making cleaning and disinfecting easier for nursing home and hospital staff.   And like all Thera-Glide® Safety Gliders the entire cushioning system is removable for deep cleaning.

In addition to the upgraded Contemporary Seat Back, the Thera-Glide® Safety Glider Seat Cushion has been redesigned.  The new seat cushion has been changed to a waterfall design giving it a cleaner look.  It also offers improved comfort for the area behind the user’s legs.  The seamless design makes wiping down and disinfecting the chair easier for healthcare facilities.

Are you with a long term care facility or hospital that has an older Traditional Style or Decorative Metal Style Thera-Glide® Safety Glider that could use a facelift?  Order the New Contemporary Style Seat Back and upgraded Waterfall Seat Cushion as an easy retro fit.

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