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Optima Products, Inc. offers specialty healthcare seating for long term care that provides therapeutic benefits, reduces risk, enhances comfort, and promotes independence for residents, patients, and care-givers in a variety of healthcare settings including Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Home-Care, and Acute Care settings.

We focus intently on understanding the unique demands healthcare facilities place upon nursing home seating, furnishings, and equipment and then apply that knowledge to thoughtfully design and market products that meaningfully improve the care-giving and care-receiving experience and outcomes. For instance, our Thera-Glide Safety Glider with patented auto-lock provides a soothing therapeutic gliding motion while minimizing the risk of falls — Perfect for older adults in senior living communities.

Many of our chairs adjust to fit the individual needs of users to maximum their independence, comfort and safety. Dyn-Ergo Scoot and Evolution chairs promote safer independent mobility for individuals at risk of wheelchair falls. Optimum Posturo-Pedic Positioning Chairs adjust to provide custom positioning and comfort for highly involved nursing home residents while making the delivery of care easier and safer for staff.

Optima Lift Chairs and Recliners are built to meet Senior Living requirements for safety, durability, clean-ability, comfort, and style. All our specialty healthcare seating is built using the highest quality components to ensure durability and longevity. Should repair be needed, parts are readily available to keep equipment in service for years to come.

Whether you are looking to replace furniture for an entire nursing home or senior living community, or need a specialty positioning wheelchair or mobility chair for an individual resident, Optima Specialty Healthcare Seating for long term care has a solution for you.


Thera-Glide® Safety Gliders reduce the risk of falls by automatically locking when sensing a user is getting up.  Thera-Glides are designed for use in healthcare facilities and come with a durable height adjustable steel frame, removable cushions, and healthcare grade fabrics.    

Hospital Glider


New Pressure Redistributing Seat Cushion

Our new Pressure Redistributing Seat Cushion now comes standard on many of our specialty wheelchairs.  The updated multilayered cushion consists of four layers with varying densities and composition to address a multitude of issues associated with longer bouts of sitting in wheelchairs including heat, moisture, pressure and sheer. The New...

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The Medical and Therapeutic Benefits of Rocking

Rocking for the Ages: The Medical and Therapeutic Benefits of Rocking   A place to enjoy a warm night on the porch, a cozy seat by the fire, a place to soothe a fussy baby. Rocking chairs are all of these things and more. In fact, research has shown they...

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