Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair

Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair

  • Scoot Chair
  • Scoot Chair
  • Wheelchair Fall Prevention

Reduce Wheelchair Falls, Improve Independent Mobility.

  • Adjustable seat height, seat depth, armrest height, recline, and tilt-in-space permit proper positioning while enabling safer foot-propulsion for users at risk of falls using standard wheelchairs.
  • Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chairs can increase personal freedom of movement to help reduce agitation for those with cognitive challenges.
  • Safely encourages  independent mobility and enhances personal dignity while providing correct positioning and support.
  • New Pressure Redistributing Cushion
  • Equipped with comfortable removable/replaceable cushions using healthcare grade High Resiliency foams upholstered in contract grade leatherette or Crypton™.  COM also available.  Meets CA 117. Boston Fire Code Available.
  • Now available in five different widths: 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ and 24″

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Designed to reduce the risk of falls for wheelchair users who propel themselves with their feet, the Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair safely and comfortably facilitates independent mobility.

Fully Adjustable for Proper Fit and Comfort

The Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair adjusts from an ultra-low seat height of 13 1/2 inches to a standard wheelchair height of 18 inches. Together with the adjustable seat depth, the chair can be individually fit to allow ones feet to safely reach the floor for a better heel strike and efficient propulsion. The tilting back and seat helps reduce sliding and slumping. Contoured seat cushions and back cushions evenly distribute weight for improved comfort and pressure management during longer seating periods making the Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair a welcome addition to nursing home fall prevention programs.

The combination of adjustable seat depth, seat height, and tilt can be used as a restraint free wheelchair fall intervention.  An array of features including adjustable armrests, seat depth, and recline/tilt angle along with optional positioning accessories allow for proper positioning while providing comfortable and safe independent mobility while reducing wheelchair falls.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chairs come equipped with easy to clean and maintain vinyl designed for healthcare applications.  All components of the Scoot Chair are easily replaceable ensuring the Scoot Chair will provide comfort, reduce agitation, and safely encourage independent mobility for the life of the chair.

Provides Comfort and Support

A pressure redistributing cushion is now standard on all Scoot Chairs.  The updated multilayered cushion has four layers of healthcare grade foam each with varying densities and composition to address a range of issues associated with longer bouts of sitting including heat, moisture, pressure and sheer.  Providing comfort and increasing autonomy eases agitation and in turn can prevent wheelchair falls and is a great alternative to a geri chair.

Most Scoot Chairs are ordered with the SA-10 Self Storing, Swing Away Foot Supports.  If the Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair will ever be used as a transport chair in additional to a pedal wheelchair, foot supports are necessary.  The Foot Supports fold neatly and discretely to the outside of the chair.  No more removing foot supports only to misplace them and not have them handy when needed.

Reduce Wheelchair Falls, Improve Independent Mobility.

Chair Adjustments
A:  Height Seat / floor,  13 1/2″ (34cm)
     to 18 1/2″ (47cm)
B:  Height Seat / armrest, 6″ (15cm) to 
     9 3/4″ (25cm)
C:  Seat depth, 13 3/4″ (35cm) to 18″
D:  Angle Seat / Back, 95º to 119º
E:  Chair tilts creating a wedge to help
     reduce sliding. Gas cylinder can be
     adjusted to provide lift assist when 
     exiting the chair.

“We have used the Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair for several years and just ordered 5 more. The ease of ordering your chairs is wonderful. From the time I asked for a quote for the chairs to the time our chairs were delivered everything went smooth. The communication was great during the whole process and I was very pleased with the service. We love these chairs and they work great for our Elders. Thank you.”
– Ann, Great River Klein Center


  • 2P-01 Deluxe Positioning Package: SA-10 Foot Supports, SA-20 Structural Lateral Supports, SA-30 13″ Rear Wheels, and SA-50 Cervical Support.
  • 2P-02 Deluxe Positioning Package: SA-10 Foot Supports, RA-24 Lateral Supports, SA-30 13″ Rear Wheels, and SA-50 Cervical Support.

AB-08 Adjustable Contoured Headrest

SA-60 Pre-Cure Cushion

RA-24 Adjustable Lateral Supports

SA-10 Swing Away Self-Storing Foot Supports


SA-20 Adjustable Lateral Supports

SA-30 13″ Rear Wheels

SA-40 Activity Tray

SA-50 Adjustable Cervical Pillow


SA-70 Heel Loops

SA-90 Increased Seat Height

SA-120 Full Width Padded Footboard

SA-130 Elevating Leg Rest


Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair Sizes & Specifications

  S-150-16 S-150-18 Standard S-150-20 S-150-22 S-150-24 Large
Max. length 58″ / 147.3cm
Min. length 31″ / 78.7cm
Max. width 25.5″ / 64.8cm 28″ / 71.1cm 29.5″ / 74.9cm 31.5″ / 80cm 33″ / 83,8cm
Min. width 23.5″ / 59.7cm 26″ / 66cm 27.5″ / 69.9cm 29.5″ / 74.9cm 31″ / 78.7cm
Seat width between armrests 16″ / 40.6cm 18.5″ / 47cm 20″ / 50.8cm 22″ / 55.9cm 23.5″ / 59.7cm
Max. height 51.5″ / 130.8cm
Min. height 37″ / 94cm
Seat depth 13.75″ to 18″ / 34.9cm to 45.7cm
Seat height 13.5″ to 18.5″ / 34.3cm to 47cm
Armrests height from seat 8″ to 9.5″ / 20.3cm to 24.1cm
Seat back height from seat  34″
Seat-to-backrest angle 95˚ to 115˚
Max. tilt (depends on adjustments) 34˚
Chair weight (without accessories) 46 lbs / 20.9kg 49 lbs / 22.3kg 52 lbs / 23.6kg 62 lbs / 28kg 65 lbs / 29.5kg
Weight capacity 250 lbs / 114kg 250 lbs / 114kg 250 lbs / 114kg 400 lbs / 182kg 400 lbs / 182kg

Fabric Options

Stocked Healthcare Grade Vinyls

Contract grade leatherette upholstery standard, Crypton™ fabric available.


Burgundy Cabernet


Deep Sapphire Blue


Additional Vinyls:

Additional Cryptons:

Replacement Parts

Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair Replacement Parts. 

Dyn-Ergo Replacement Armrest Scoot Chair Cylinder Dyn-Ergo Hand Brake Dyn-Ergo Scoot Rear Wheel

SU-05 Armrest Pad (Fits L or R)

B1-23 Gas Cylinder

SP-094 Replacement Hand Brakes

SW-02 Rear Wheel W/ Brake (Each)

Dyn-Ergo Scoot Cable and Lever

Dyn-Ergo Scoot Replacment Front Wheel

Dyn-Ergo Scoot 13" Rear Wheel  

B1-26 Replacement Cable and Lever

SW-01 Front Swivel Wheel (Each)

SW-09 13″ Rear Wheel (Each)