8 Reasons The Scoot Chair is Ideal for Comfort and Mobility in Long Term Care

  1. The Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair and Evolution Mobility Chair reduces the risk of falls and facilitate independent mobility for nursing home residents that self propel with their feet.
  2. The Scoot Chair (pedal chair) allows for better positioning and pressure management than ordinary wheelchairs.
  3. Scoot and Evolution Chairs adapt to a wide variety of individuals.
  4. Its attractive, non-institutional appearance and exceptional comfort is a welcomed alternative to a standard geri-chair or wheelchair.
  5. Adjustable seat height, seat depth, and tilt control aid in providing safer foot-propulsion for people who are at risk of falling in a conventional wheelchair.  Dyn-Ergo Chairs can provide greater personal freedom of movement to help reduce agitation for those with cognitive difficulties.
  6. Safely helps to maintain independent mobility and personal dignity while providing correct positioning.
  7. Comfortable removable/replaceable cushions using best quality High Resiliency foams upholstered in contract grade leatherette or Crypton™.
  8. The Scoot Chair comes standard with a pressure management cushion to help mitigate sheering, heat buildup, and pressure.
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