Optima Healthcare Lift Chair

Optima Lift Chair – Designed specifically for Senior Living Environments:


  • Easy to Clean – Impermeable fabric covers all surfaces including removable seat cushion.
  • Incontinence Proof – Added moisture barrier under the seat cushion prevents liquids from soaking into chair.
  • Safety – Chaise leg rest covers recliner mechanism. NO pinch points and a wide stable base.
  • Wall-Hugger Design – increased recline with ONLY three-inch clearance needed.  Ideal for resident rooms in Nursing Homes.
  • Crypton, Contract Grade Leatherette or customer’s own material COM Fabrics.
  • Exceptional durability.
  • Meets CAL 117, uses high density HR foam.
  • Hand-held controller can be mounted for left or right handed operation.
  • Optional side pockets and head rest covers available.
  • Whisper quiet, heavy duty DC actuator and transformer.

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Lift Chair Designed for Healthcare Settings

Everything about the Optima Healthcare Grade Lift Chair is made with today’s busy healthcare facility in mind. A compact wall-hugger design lets you place the Optima Healthcare Lift Chair where ordinary reclining lift chairs won’t fit.   This is ideal in long term care communities where space as at a premium.  Safety and durability issues are addressed with a full chaise leg-rest covering the lift mechanism, pinch-point-free design, a wide extra-stable all-steel base, a hefty 375 lb lifting capacity, CA 117 compliant construction, HR Foam, Heavy-Duty Actuator and electronics with override protection, and a lifetime limited warranty on the lift mechanism.

Nursing Home Lift Chair
Healthcare Lift Chair

Tailored to Meet the Needs of Healthcare Facilities


Optima Healthcare Grade Lift Chairs come with easy to clean, moisture impermeable fabrics, a removable seat cushion for clean out, and an added moisture barrier under the seat cushion to prevent against incontinence.

Optima Healthcare Lift Chairs are available in Petite, Standard, Wide in our Space Saver (Wall Hugger) style.  We also have a 3XW 500 pound capacity three position lift chair.  The Optima Healthcare Lift Chair can be tailored to meet each facility’s needs making it a welcome complement to senior living furniture.

Looking for a Manual Recliner for Healthcare Settings?  Check out the Optima Healthcare Recliner.

Safe, Durable, and Easy to Clean


Safety and durability issues are addressed with a full chaise leg-rest covering the recliner mechanism, pinch-point-free design, a wide extra-stable all-steel base, a hefty 375 lb capacity, California Technical Bulletin 117 compliant construction, HR Foam, and a lifetime limited warranty on the recliner mechanism. Choose from a variety of Crypton and vinyl leatherette options that will complement any senior living decor while protecting against incontinence and other liquids from soaking into the chair. Customer’s Own Material (COM) also available.  The seat cushion is removable for easy cleaning and an extra moisture barrier is installed under the seat for additional protection.

Removable Seat Cushion


Nursing Home Lift Chair

L-1001 Two Pillow Style

Cleanable Lift Chair

L-1002 Transitional Style

Easy to Clean Lift Chair

L-1012 Transitional Plush Style

Easy to Clean Healthcare Vinyl

Stocked Vinyls

Silvertex Upgraded Vinyls


Optima Healthcare Lift Chair Specifications

Optima Lift Chair Sizes


“Residents comment on the comfort, design, and attractive look of the lift chair. Staff love the ease in cleaning the lift chair, and the limited movement which greatly reduces the potential damage to walls. Durable healthcare equipment that will last the test of time – great investment.” — Administrator, MN


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