The Perfect Glider for Childcare Settings

Safety and Cleanability - The Thera-Glide Safety Glider in Childcare Settings:

Auto Locking Glider

Busy childcare settings demand safety, durability, and ease of cleaning from their furnishings.  The Thera-Glide Auto Locking Glider’s safety features and ergonomic design make it the perfect glider for childcare settings.

Easy to Clean Surfaces

The Thera-Glide Safety Glider is upholstered in durable institutional grade vinyls for easy cleaning.  In fact, our standard vinyls can withstand up to a 10% bleach solution.  This allows even accidental marks from pens and markers to be removed.  All cushions are completely covered so messes won’t soak into the chairs.  This makes wiping down and disinfecting surfaces simple.

All cushions are removable and replaceable allowing the Thera-Glide to provide many years of reliable service even in the most demanding childcare facilities.

Easy to Clean Glider Rocker

Stocked Vinyls

Wood Stain Options

Silvertex Upgraded Vinyls

Automatically Locks for Safety

Auto Locking Glider
The Thera-Glide Safety Glider is the safest glider available to childcare settings.  Not only does the auto locking feature reduce the risk of falls to caregivers but it also keeps the chair stationary unless someone is fully and safely seated in the chair.  This helps reduce the risk of little buy soma online cheap fingers being pinched when children are playing on or around the chair.  Fully upholstered arms also keep fingers away from the internal swing mechanism.  A lockout mechanism at the rear of the chair allows caregivers to completely lock the chair even while occupied. The Thera-Glide defaults to a locked setting so caregivers never need to think about locking it.
Easy to Clean Auto Locking Glider
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