Month: August 2017

Welcome to Optima Products new website, our new and improved home on the World Wide Web. Optima Products is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and distributors of specialized seating options specifically designed to benefit seniors living in long term care facilities. Take a look around our new site at all of our different options built to reduce falls, increase independent mobility and improve comfort. We also have many options of fabrics and textures to choose from to provide uniquely tailored chairs for your senior living community.


We design, manufacture, and distribute the highest quality healthcare recliners, mobility chairs, and therapeutic chairs in the industry. All of our seating options are built to help seniors with autonomous movement and adjustment, and to be easy to clean and disinfect. We know that floor space is limited, so our chairs are made to use very little floor space and to fit snuggly against walls, even when reclined. They are also built with extraordinary stable bases to resist tipping and prevent falls.


We know that a chair is so much more than a well-engineered frame and space age cushions. It is a functional ornament that accompanies a room’s purpose and décor. Our chairs are designed to be both functionally beneficial and aesthetically beautiful. We offer a wide assortment of healthcare grade fabrics to complement the style and décor of any residence or facility. Comfort, elegance and safety are all designed into every chair we make.


Our focus on detail does not stop with the design and manufacture, it continues in the way we prioritize our customers. Our goal is to help you find the proper seating for your senior community’s needs and style. We’re not here to simply make a sale and forget about it. We’ll be there after the sale for support, maintenance, and to answer questions for years after the transaction.


Located in Minneapolis Minnesota, we are ready to assist you with any questions you may have regarding senior seating. Optima Products keeps the feel of a small, regional manufacturer while maintaining nationwide distribution. We pride ourselves on giving our customers focused attention, even after the sale, while being able to provide a wide assortment of choices for all of your resident’s needs. Call or email us and let our friendly and knowledgeable service associates help you find the proper seating that meets your facilities needs.

Optima Products is one of the nation’s leading designers and manufacturers of seating options meant for senior living communities and acute care facilities. Our lines of mobility chairs, positioning chairs and specially furnishings are designed specifically to aid seniors with autonomy, help in cleaning and disinfection, reduce falls, and conserve space.


Our chairs are built to withstand institutional use while adding to the look and feel of a residential setting. Our cushions are covered in healthcare grade fabrics and cryptons so they are easy to clean and wipe away. Optima chairs protect against pinch points, come with extra durable and sturdy bases to reduce the risk of tipping , and conserve valuable floor space.  COM healthcare fabrics and stain matching is available to complement any setting.


Marv Smith founded Optima Products 18 years ago based on what he learned from 35 years of experience working in the industry of mobility seating. He was the Marketing Manager for Specialty Seating and Institutional Products at Lumex Inc. He was later the Vice President of National Accounts for Redline Supply (Now McKesson Medical and Surgical supplies). He then went on to be the Manager for Senior Seating, Hoyer, and Parker Bathing Systems for Sunrise Medical. He brought this lifetime of unique experience to helping Optima Products in designing and manufacturing an assortment of senior seating arrangements with a focus on comfort and helping seniors with autonomous movement and adjustment, all with an elegant look and feel that will add to color and feel of any room.


Our chairs are designed to make cleaning and disinfecting easy with removable cushions and moisture-impermeable fabrics. They are also built with interchangeable parts to allow you to replace damaged pieces without having to replace the whole chair. This increases the lifespan of our furnishings making them an even better value for your senior living or long term care facility.


At Optima Products, we always remember that we manufacture elegant and comfortable places of rest for the men and women who built the communities we all live in. The wonderful people of your facility are those who came before and who built our schools, our stores, our jobs, our churches and our homes. They gave us so much with the work of their lives; Optima offers them a comfortable place to sit now as they rest from the labors of a lifetime’s work. We remember how much they have given us in every chair we build for them.