Jay, Administrator, MN

“The Thera-Glide rockers are providing our residents with a safe seating option. It also allows them to remain independent with sitting and standing safely. Staff is also able to safely assist those residents who need help and both residents and staff are at a reduced risk for injury.”

Administrator, MN

“Residents comment on the comfort, design, and attractive look of the lift chair. Staff love the ease in cleaning the lift chair, and the limited movement which greatly reduces the potential damage to walls. Durable healthcare equipment that will last the test of time – great investment.”

Hospital Glider

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Thera-Glide® Safety Gliders reduce the risk of falls by remaining locked until someone is fully and safely seated in the chair.  Thera-Glides are designed for use in healthcare facilities and come with a durable height adjustable steel frame, removable cushions, and healthcare grade fabrics.    

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